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We believe in opening the market to ensure everyone can get the best price on electronics and heaps more.

ineda is the new standard of buying goods and services at the best prices. Directly delivered to you when you need it. Get them bidding today!

How it Works

Submit What You’re After

Just submit what you want, wait for bids to come in as retailers compete for your business. Then simply select the best offer.

Everything Covered

Ineda accesses amazing deals on everything from a new TV, to insurance or even flights. Making a significant purchase? We will save you heaps.

Access Unbelievable Deals

Get access to prices retailers can’t publicise and help store owners move their stock. Save hundreds of dollars through closed deals.

Amazing Retailers

Ineda engages only best and most trusted retailers. They save on marketing so they can focus on giving you the best prices possible.

3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Submit your request for a product or service

Step 2

Wait for the best priced bids to come in

Step 3

Select the best bid

Request a Deal

To start requesting amazing deals, download the ineda app from the app store.

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