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Mojocow PS1 Kit 2x24W T5 CFL Propagation Grow Lights 6400K White for Seedlings


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A pair of super High Output T5 Grow Lights is included in these kits. The T5 tubes are CFL's and perfect for Seedlings, Cuttings & Vegetative Growth. Why? Cuttings and seedlings have under-developed root systems, thus energy from light by photosynthesis is critical, "nurturelite" Purple light maximises root growth, increases internodal growth and can be used to replace or supplement natural sunlight for all plants. Up to 80% Energy savings can be made with this lighting system, which is very portable and ideal for indoor gardens.

  • White: 6400K - Leafy greens or vegetative growth. Also used for algal growth, e.g. spirulina.

  • Mojocow T5 Unit overall length - 575mm long

  • T5 2 foot bulb / lamp length - 550mm long

What is T5 CFL Lighting Good For?
T5 24W lamps are PERFECT for:

  • Germinating seeds (white slightly better)

  • Rooting cuttings / clones (purple is better)

  • Transplanting

  • Artificial lighting system for all plants.

The PS1 CFL light kit fits all propagator roofs and can be surface mounted.

This CFL lighting kit consists of:

  • 2 x 24w T5 lamps (bulbs) with suitable integrated electronic ballast and reflectors

  • 1 x 30cm cable for linking lamps

  • 2 metre power cord AU plug (up to a maximum of 10 CFL 24W lights can be daisy chained from one power supply plug!)

  • 2 x Surface mounting clips for under cupboard &/or vertical mounting, for each of the two lights

  • 4 x U Lamp suction cap clips each with a nylon nut & bolt for attaching to a propagator roof (lid).


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