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Sensi Pro 1L Bio Diesel Crystal Clear Hydroponic Coco Flush and Brix Enhancer


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Bio Diesel Crystal Clear Coco Flush [1L]

When growing with coco as grow media, minerals and fertilisers have a tendency to bind with the coco to block the nutrient paths. Bio Diesel Crystal Clear Coco Flush helps flush out bonded mineral salts from coco pith and fibre to clear the nutrient pathways and protect against build-up of minerals.

Benefits of Bio Diesel Crystal Clear Coco Flush

Improves taste of end product by removing fertilisers and unwanted chemicals from the grow media, leaving a natural, cleaner and sweeter flavour.
Clears pathways for nutrients by flushing out bonded minerals and mineral salts from plant reserves
Minimises use of water when flushing

Bio Diesel Crystal Clear Coco Flush can be used as a final flush during the last 7 days before harvest, or as a flush for nutrient correction.

Use a ratio of 5ml Crystal Clear per 1 Litre of water to create the Crystal Clear solution.

Bio Diesel Feed Schedule

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