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50PK Hydroponics/Aquaponics/NFT Channel Plastic 45 x 45mm Net Basket Plant Pots


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Net Basket Pots 45 x 45mm [50 pack]

Plastic Hydroponic Net pots are a good way to hold growing media and plants in a wide variety of aquaponics and hydroponic systems. They suit a range of plant sizes from lettuce and herbs to large tomato plants or other fruiting and flowering vegetables.

Commonly known as Plastic Hydroponic Mesh Pots or Basket Pots
Commonly used in N.F.T channel, Deep Water Culture (DWC), top feeding systems, hydroponics, aeroponics, aquaponics and flood and drain systems
Poly net pots can be used in PVC pipe hydroponic channel systems but we don't recommend those systems as they are hard to clean
With poly net pots you'll toss fewer broken pots away. They feature a flexible plastic netting, which is resistant to cracking and breakdown
A key benefit of these net pots is the long vertical openings down the side of the pots makes roots easier to remove
Another benefit The large round hole in the bottom is great for tap roots

Hydroponic Net Pot Specifications
All of these sizes of net pots come in multiples of 20 or 50 only - check the pack size below and when selecting your size.
45 x 45mm pot: Rim 45mm diameter, Inner Rim / Holesaw 32 to 35mm diameter, 45mm high. Volume of pot is approx 36ml.
See table below for the 45mm pot and our other sizes offered.


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