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Ryset 6x6m Woven Mesh Insect Exclusion Net Protector for Garden Protection WHT


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Protect your plants with this easy to use Ryset 6x6m Woven Mesh Insect Net for Garden Protection.

This Insect net is a great protection from flying insects, birds and even help to reduce sun intensity over summer or heat wave conditions.

This is the best protection against insects. Used as a physical barrier, insect proof meshes confer protection against plant eating insects often without significant increases in temperature.

What Insects do to your Plants?
Insects and mites that feed on plants have different feeding behaviors, which include chewing, piercing-sucking, mining, boring, or galling. The majority of insect and mite pests that attack ornamental plants growing outdoors have piercing-sucking or chewing mouthparts. Insects with piercing-sucking mouthparts include aphids, whiteflies, mealybugs, soft scales, and thrips. 

Insect Net for Garden Protection - Woven 2mm Mesh [6 x 6m]
6m Wide by 6M Long Folded Sheet of Insect Net to Drape Over Crops, or a Structural Frame to Exclude Insects.

For Protecting Crops from insect infestation, sunburn, Birds, Pets and Temperature Extremes.

  • Woven 2mm HDPE Net

  • 45gsm

  • UV Stabilised

  • 20% Shade Factor


  • 1x Ryset 6x6m Woven Mesh Insect Net for Garden Protection


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