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Ryset Potato 40x55cm Woven Container Grow Bag w/ Resealable Window/Handles Green


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Seed potatoes and other root vegetables in this strong and UV-protected, breathable woven Ryset Potato 40x55cm Grow Bag w/ Resealable Window. Also features strong handles and a viewing flap.

The Ryset Potato Bag is a great way to grow 4-6 seed potatoes or other deep root vegetables without needing lots of space. This reusable bag is made from strong, woven UV-protected polythylene which allows roots to breathe, boosting plant growth and yields.

Features strong webbing handles and access flap for harvesting your potatoes without damaging the plant, also perfect for growing carrots, onions & more.

Planting Potatoes in a Grow Bag
Pick the site: Plant potatoes when the danger of frost has passed. Not sure of frost dates in your area? Select the sunniest site possible. All-day sun is best, but as little as 6 to 8 hours will do. Keep in mind that you will need to water the Potato Bag regularly, especially if rainfall is insufficient.

Prepare the soil: Put the soil in a wheelbarrow or tub that can hold it all at once. If you've chosen potting mix that does not have fertilizer in it, add granular fertilizer. Moisten the soil and mix thoroughly. About one-third of the soil will get used on planting day. The rest will be used as the plants grow. Set it aside.

Prepare the seed potatoes: Cut the seed potatoes into five 2-ounce chunks — about the size of a lime. If your seed potatoes are small, you can plant them whole.

Plant the bag: Fold down the top edge of the bag to form a 4? cuff. Fill the bag with the moistened soil mixture until it's about 4? deep. Place the seed potatoes on the soil surface, spaced evenly. Cover with another 3? of soil.

Once the plants have grown to about 8″, it's time to add more soil. Allow the plants to grow, adding soil after they've grown another 8″. Repeat the process until all the soil mixture is used and the bag is full.

Growing Potatoes
Water regularly: The porous fabric allows the Potato Bag to breathe, which prevents overheating and overwatering. However, it's important to monitor the moisture level in the bag because it can dry out quickly. 

Watch for pests: Colorado potato beetles are the most common pest. Inspect your plants regularly, looking under the leaves for the clusters of yellow eggs. If you see them, rub them off with your finger. Adult beetles are easy to identify — and control: Just pick them off with your hands and toss them into a bucket of soapy water. 

1x Ryset Potato 40x55cm Grow Bag w/ Resealable Window


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